Demonstration against India’s blockade on Nepal

Dear all,

NRN-Canada would like to inform and invite all community members, Nepali community organizations and well-wishers that NRN Canada is going to demonstrate  against India’s unofficial blockade on Nepal in  Indian Consulate General’s office Toronto at 12:30 PM on Friday 27 November 2015, 365 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4. NRN-Canada would like to invite all the community members to participate in the event.
With the warm regards,
Suman Lamsal
General Secretary
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Press Release

The memorandum of understanding between Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRN-Canada) and CrossCultural Learner Center (CCLC) was signed today at the CCLC office in London to rebuild Mahendra Lila High School in Nepal. President of the NRN-Canada, Mr. Tulsi Prasad Sapkota, Director of the CCLC, Dr. Valerian Marochko and Project Lead, Mr. Jyoti Vaidya signed the MoU. The high school was damaged due to disastrous earthquake magnitude of 7.8 Richter scale in Nepal on April 25th. The projected cost of the school building is $60,000. NRN-Canada will contribute $15,000 for the project. Calgary Nepalese Community Association and Nepal Heritage Charity Foundation of British Columbia have also shown their commitment to support the project. The official MoU among those organizations will be completed in a near future as the project partners. So far, Guelph Nepalese Society and London Sikh Society has contributed institutionally to this project.Speaking at the MoU Signing ceremony, President of the NRN-Canada, Mr. Tulsi Sapkota said that he is glad that the CCLC came forward to help earthquake torn Nepal.Director of the CCLC Dr. Valerian Marochko applauded the interest and dedication shown by the Nepali community to support Nepal at the difficult time.Mr. Jyoti Vaidya briefed about the project and said that the school building will be earthquake proof, fire proof and have reduced noise. The rebuilding will start late October.At the function, Mr. Yam Gurung, owner of the Momos at the Market handed over $465 that he collected to rebuild the school.President of the London Multicultural Association, Mr. Alex Tang along with Ms. Srijamya Raghuvanshi and Ms. Rishika Aggarwal from the Verea Foundation were also present at the function. Mr. Suresh Chandra Shrestha was the host of the function..

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Thank you note

Dear all,

                     On behalf of  NCC members and newly elected executives of NRN Canada, I would like to thank all the guests, delegates, representatives, life members, general members, volunteers, media professionals, well-wishers and supporters for their active participation and invaluable contributions to make the 8th NRN Canada Convention a successful one.

Similarly, my sincere thanks go to outgoing NCC Executive Committee and Board Members, Election Commission, all Nepalese Community Organizations, and generous sponsors for their appreciative efforts, moral support, and economic assistance.

Finally, I would also like to thank all Nepalese communities residing across Canada for their trust and warm wishes to make the event a grand one. I promise that we (NCC members and the executive committee) will always be with you for the progress and welfare of Nepalese Communities in Canada, and our responsibility to the motherland Nepal.

We all look forward to receiving your continuous support, constructive suggestions, and creative feedback in the times ahead!

Thank you all once again.

With best regards,

Suman Lamsal (On behalf of the NCC members and executive committee)

General Secretary, NRN-Canada

News & Events Update

Election results for NRN-Canada NCC in Guelph, Mississauga and Brampton

Election results for NRN-Canada NCC in Guelph, Mississauga and Brampton

NRN-Canada Election Commission would like to thank all the voters, candidates and volunteers for the successful completion of the NRN-Canada NCC Election 2015 in Guelph, Mississauga and Brampton today .  Special thanks to Election commissioner for Brampton, Mr. Bal Chandra Shrestha and his team; Election Commissioner for Mississauga Mr. Uttam KC and his team and Election Officer from Guelph Dr.  Bhaju Tamot and Observer Mr. Nabin Shrestha (Election Commissioner for Toronto).

The official result of the election held today is summarized below:

Electoral Region Winners Total members in the region Number of votes casted Percentage of votes casted
Guelph Prakash Adhikari




Brampton Tulsi Prasad SapkotaKrishna Prasad Bhandary

Santa Rajbhandari




Mississauga Pramila BasnetTula Singh Bhattachan

Surya Prakash Bhattarai





Congratulations to all the NRN-Canada NCC elect members and thanks to all the contestant candidates for their participation.


On behalf of Election Commission,

Jyoti  Vaidya
Chief Election Commissioner

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Election Venues


Dear Voters,

NRN-Canada Election Commission announces the following venues to conduct voting for NRN-Canada NCC election scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2015 in Guelph, Mississauga and Brampton Electoral Regions.
The Election Commission requests all voters listed in the Voters List in their respective electoral regions to cast their votes on time.
Venue: Lions Lairs Room
West End Community Center
21 Imperial Rd. S.
Guelph, ON N1K 1X3
Date: July 11, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Election Officer: Dr. Bhaju Tamot
Observer: Mr. Nabin Shrestha – Commissioner from the Toronto Electoral Region
Venue: 7107 Benjamin Crt.
Mississauga, ON L5W 0E1
Date: July 11, 2015 (Saturday)
Time:10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Mr. Uttam KC – Commissioner
MR. Rishi Ram Gaire- Member
Mr. Pitambar Bhattarai – Member
Mr. Kedar Prasad Bhattarai- Member
Brampton Towers Rental Office Hall
85 Charolais Blvd
Brampton, ON L6Y 4E5
Date: July 11, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Mr. Bal Chandra Shrestha – Commissioner
Dr. Narayan Regmi – Member
Mr. Ram Chandra Nainabasti – Member
Mr. Ramesh Rana – Member
Mr. Kishor Dhakal – Member
Thank you.
Suresh Chandra Shrestha
Member Secretary
NRN-Canada Election Commission
Interaction & Programs, News & Events Update
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